11 years ago, two Malaga citizens set out to improve the offer of products for pets. They did so with an online platform that would be called Tiendanimal.
Their adventure, which began in the online universe, changed in 2014 when it introduced a new strategy opening physical outlets. Currently, this company
leader in the market for pet products has 51 physical stores throughout Spain, with an average of 1000 m².
Tiendanimal is one of the many business examples that begin by taking the reverse path to what has been traditional: they have moved from the online
store to the brick and mortar, from e-commerce to the physical point of sale. A few points of sale, on the other hand, easily identifiable with a powerful brand
image, thorough product communication and unique user shopping experience. They are called Digital Store.
Within this strategy of Tiendanimal, an important role is played by the company Netipbox Technologies, leader in Smart Digital Signage solutions for the
digital transformation of physical stores.

Each Digital Shop of Tiendanimal is different, but the experience that the customer goes through, whether it is going to be informed or if it is going to buy or pick up an order at the ticket offices expressly enabled through its click & collect system, is developed in an interactive tour that accompanies the client, creating an unforgettable and pleasant experience, which makes them return and increase engagement with the brand.
From large impressive murals with the megabanner effect that characterizes Netipbox Technologies solutions to attract the potential customer inside the store to interactive totems, from which you can directly make your purchases and / or manage the shipment of your orders, in addition to various screens with informative content about the latest offers or strategically distributed news. All strategically planned, placed and designed to create a unique and rewarding experience for the client, with all content and information available to the client: the Digital Store.

Salvador Fuentes, technical and development director of Tiendanimal talks about his experience with Netipbox Technologies: “We started in 2015 with a simple totem in which the customer accessed the website to make the purchase. Currently, Netipbox Technologies has become our reference partner and we have already defined even what we call store 4.1, in which we provide scanners to the customer to capture the codes of the items on the shelves, download your virtual cart at checkout, and make your collection in our click & collect area or request your shipment home ”.

The centralized management of NSIGN, the SaaS platform of Netipbox Technologies, allows the control of content scheduling and their synchronization in an easy and intuitive way, even from a simple mobile device. The contents are distributed through the NBOX player, a plug & play that connects easily to any screen and instantly reproduces the content that is programmed on the platform, transforming any digital media (screen, totem, kiosk, LED etc.) into a window that interacts with the consumer.
Its easy usability, together with the simple and natural integration of Tiendanimal’s own management tools has facilitated that such digital transformation of these physical stores of pet products has been a success: for the first time, in 2018, more than 55 % of their billing originated in their physical stores, above the billing of their online store.
With headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Madrid and Miami, Netipbox Technologies manages more than 10,000 screens in more than 15 countries around the world, having more than 100 reference customers such as Coca-Cola European Partners, Ikea, Texture, Tiendanimal, Areas , Filmax Cinemas, PwC, Wolala, Conforama, Veritas, Nespresso, PortAventura, Turris, Natura, Aldi, Plusfresc, Domino’s Pizza among many others.
“Tiendanimal is an interesting example of the evolution of a business based on a traditional e-commerce to an offline expansion based on the Digital Store concept, which has been a success. Tiendanimal is a paradigm of the potential that digital transformation represents for physical stores, ”explains Toni Viñals, CEO and co-founder of Netipbox Technologies.