Veritas digitally transforms its supermarkets with Netipbox Technologies intelligent digital communication solutions

17 years ago, Veritas opted for organic food as the healthiest alternative for people opening the first supermarkets of organic products. Presently, this successful company, founded by Silvio Elías, closed 2018 with an invoice of 82 million euros, an increase of 17% over the previous year.
The Catalan company currently has a network of 72 establishments along with having an online store. In addition, just 3 years ago, they implemented a business strategy that has begun the digital transformation of its physical spaces, and that has meant the creation of information channels for customers through intelligent digital communication systems.
The promotion of healthy habits is one of Veritas core values and part of the businesses vision and audiovisual communication in the establishments, carried out in a dynamic and interactive way, and is already part of each client visit to a Veritas establishment.
Roger Ripoll, responsible for marketing at Veritas, explained, “We wanted to accompany the client in their visit through the establishment with the aim of promoting healthy products and habits through thematic channels, which are present in each area of the supermarket. The client receives specific information through screens of sizes from 15 to 43 inches strategically located in each area, such as the entrance, produce section or the cashier area ”.

Veritas has entrusted its Digital Store project to Netipbox Technologies, a company leader in Smart Digital Signage solutions for the digital transformation of their  physical stores.

The intelligent digital communication systems of Netipbox Technologies offer Veritas centralized management of the contents of all stores thanks to the powerful platform of SaaS NSIGN. It allows control of the content scheduling and their synchronization in an easy and intuitive way, even possible from a simple mobile device.
The contents are distributed through the NBOX player, a plug & play that connects easily to any screen and instantly reproduces the content that is programmed on the platform, transforming any digital media (screen, totem, kiosk, LED etc.) into a window that interacts with the consumer.
“Veritas has been a pioneer in many areas and has always promoted the dissemination of the benefits of conscious consumption and healthy habits through unique client experiences. The intelligent digital communication solutions of Netipbox Technologies, which we have designed for Veritas supermarkets, allow them to share information and knowledge with their customers dynamically and interactively, ”explains Toni Viñals, CEO and co-founder of Netipbox  Technologies.
With headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Madrid and Miami, Netipbox Technologies manages more than 10,000 screens in more than 15 countries
around the world, having more than 100 reference customers such as Coca-Cola European Partners, Ikea, Texture, Tiendanimal, Areas , Filmax Cinemas,
PwC, Wolala, Conforama, Veritas, Nespresso, PortAventura, Turris, Natura, Aldi, Plusfresc, Domino’s Pizza among many others.