Digital Signage is in a complete expansion, started as a minor investment but rapidly even reach in every market, areas and specially indoor business, at the moment we found that not only the big brands who make a strong boost in the market are making invest in this area, also we find small retails improving in digital signage, improving in customers services, engagement marketing strategies and gaining better branding for them.

Nordiska Kompaniet, a retailer in Stockholm, Sweden. They deployed digital signage with tanned leather bands around the top and hung those to the wall to create the illusion that the display was hanging by the band. This helped the displays integrate with the retailer’s overall sober and high-class brand image, also in Barcelona we find in the Passeig de Gràcia avenue a several fashion store with a strong mixture of digital signage and modeling walls make a real pleasure to visit its, also in this Christmas & holidays shopping.

What we find now in the Market? “Better displays”

One major trend is a move away from LCD displays toward more advanced LED displays, the regular action is argued that the decreasing cost of LED displays is helping drive this trend.

LEDs aren’t just getting more common, they are also becoming more advanced.

We are entering in an area where we want to achieve the minimal space in order to maintain a unique style who attract many customers, “Gone are the days of just that giant lightbulb sign that shows just 8 characters at a time.”

Better engagement tools

Simply having a brighter display isn’t enough to deliver better indoors experiences. In Spain, retails company are changing the way that attract customers with this new digital signage vendors or even Software with more and more advanced analytics systems to gain key insights into customers, so they can do better engagement to the clients. We are talking in about a complete focus in the audience and turning it into a wonderful tool of strategic value.

They are software who measure parameters like age, sex and mood even by analyzing the facial expressions on the camera footage. Additionally, the touchscreen access brings in firsthand information to engage a better experience in especially specific content and this information analyze the performance of advert campaigns also the return on investment.

The survey for the Digital Signage Future Trends 2018 report confirmed this trend of increasing interactive experiences. 50 percent of retailers said that they found touchscreens very useful for digital signage.

“These emerging interactive technologies all require one common element. The ability to create, analyze and react in a world that requires real-time-based solutions“.

Talking about omnichannel experiences to engage with customers, we find a integrated ecommerce and assisted sales experiences, the clients can browse through a entire range of products and making the shops really easy way, of course always assistant by the eye of the customer services. Correlative to this kind of development we find also the “BOPIS”, trend who became really popular in the big brands specially in the US – Bopis is the acronyms of “BUY ONLINE AND PICK UP IN STORE”.

Where are we headed?

In the indoor space, digital signage is getting both bigger in terms of larger, grander displays with innovative software and smaller in structure, all for the continuous mix between the real and the screen.

The digital signage in headed to big steps and surely is a long process partnering the new development of technologies in the displays market, we are talking about the total and immerse world with a full option for reclaim a better experience and developing solutions that create engaged audiences. The next big step is when all the pieces fall into place, and we start seeing truly dynamic deployments flood into the market for both large and small companies.