Digital Signage has grown so much over recent years that you can no longer walk along the high street without seeing digital displays in shop windows or in stores. The use of digital signage in offices has also grown, with businesses using this technology to inform visitors and staff alike. It seems like a lot of businesses are opting for DS (digital signage) over TS (traditional signage) but is it worth it? Why invest in digital?

We look at few reasons why DS (digital signage) can be best suitable for your business.

Ease of Use

With traditional print signage, you must allow time for a Graphic Designer and a printing company to create the posters, with some extra spends in holidays seasons. However, digital signage gives you the control to design your own content. There are many easy-to-use software tools for you to use, and you can design your own signage. Once you have created the design, you can easily edit and update it to suit your latest deals, information and schedule for the best suitable days for yours in out communications.

Instantly Update Content

One of the main advantages of going digital is that you can respond quickly to feedback. Whether you are a shop, restaurant or hotel, you can instantly update your digital signage one from central location to respond to changes in your business. For example, you could use the signage to display an end-of-line sale to quickly sell a certain product or if your bar runs out of gin, you could take this off the menu to avoid disappointment. You could even put your changes on a schedule so that you can respond to changes in your customer base. Digital signage gives you great flexibility to keep one step ahead of the competition whilst improving the customer journey.

Increased Engagement

The major issue with traditional signage is that it just shows one static image so it will lose impact quickly. This is not the case with digital signage. A digital display can be used to show video, social media updates and bright dynamic images. Digital signage can also be interactive so that the customer can control what they see or browse, and this can improve the customer journey and increase engagement. You invest in signage to get a return through sales and digital signage is more eye-catching then traditional and so can improve engagement.

Brand Awareness

Digital signage displays can increase brand awareness through increased engagement. The more often customers see your advertisements in your shop window, the more they will recognize your brand. Also, in a corporate business environment digital signage displays can be used to show information to staff and, therefore, helping to meet internal communication goals.

Even with a little more effort we can handle better contributions to the world. Avoiding the massive amount of papers wasted in our strategy campaigns and more return of investments.

During all this week in Madrid, Spain will be the COP25 “The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on #ClimateChange (UNFCCC), and the important thing here is, the Digital Signage is an advantage contributing to the climate change and make you and your walk to the future.