89% of people prefer to visualize information in a digital screen


The omnichannel digital signage

Digital signage allows companies and retailers to optimize their communication and reduce advertising costs in order to increase sales and improve the costumer experience. Netipbox is the most simple and efficient tool for digitalizing your business in only a few minutes.

How does netipbox work?


Connect your player to any screen

netipbox is a plug and play player that can show all your digital content on any screen.


Synchronize your content or use the library

Through our management platform you can create, manage and plan the diffusion of all your digital content.


Discover digital signage 3.0 potential

Analyze your campaigns, optimize your customer’s experience and get the best results.

Try for free the most powerful and simple

digital signage solution on the market !

30 days without compromise

 Exploit netipbox potential

Digitalize your store or selling point completely thank you to the potential of netipbox’s without limit connection.

Its management and planning platform will facilitate your communication strategy.

Compatible media and services

Video Wall

Any type of format


Lcd, touch, curved, etc.

Mobile devices

Smartphones, tablets, etc.


Touch, outdoor/indoor, etc.


IoT Connected

Camera, Scanner, Beacons, etc.

Content creation

Image, HTML5 animation, video

Analytics & Benchmark

Audience measurement

E-Commerce connected

Show your e-catalogue

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Still not convinced of netipbox advantages?


of gross revenue


of visual impact


on the purchase decision

Why opt for digital signage 3.0?

Connect your e-commerce, analyze/optimize your campaigns and increase the interaction with your clients thanks you to the objects connected to your netipbox.

Benchmark y optimización

Visitante, género, edad, nombre de visualización, etc. Obtén éstos y todos los resultados necesarios para tu comunicación y así mejorar tu marketing.


Cartelería digital

Crea tus contenidos, usa la librería disponible, planifica tus campañas y delimita tu estrategia.


E-Commerce Ready

Conecta tu sitio web a tu punto de venta e incrementa tu potencial.


IoT Platform

Scanner, beacons, RFID, IoT y cámara. Tu netipbox se conecta a las mejores herramientas comerciales para ofrecer una experiencia extraordinaria con el cliente.


Digital communication experts in all the sectors

A dynamic and efficient digital communication needs a customized installation in accordance with the function,  location and aim. We offer our experiencesto make your ideas happen.


Dynamic promotions in real time (beacons, scan, etc.), customized messages, offer synchronization, promotion visualization in accordance with your criteria (time, hours, etc.)

Adopt an omnichannel communication and increase the revenue on your selling point.

Food service

Offer your clients a new experience by showing them animated menus and deals through dynamic messages.

Plan promotions and special recommendations in accordance with the location where the communication takes place.

Hotel business

Communicate your services to your clients when they arrive, show a customized welcoming message in their rooms or give them information about your events in the elevator.

Increase the impact of the messages in different areas of your hotel.


Guide your patients easily thanks to the dynamic visualization panels and use the queue management with ticket distribution.

Inform who are the available doctors in the medical offices and manage their schedules.


Improve the internal communication with your employees (meeting hours, new plannings, etc.).

Keep your company’s ambassadors informed.


Show your products in a dynamic way to increase sales.

Use Netip Scan to help your clients find the projection rooms and increase the costumer experience inside your establishment.

Discover all the services that digital signage offers


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