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We develop software solutions for the Digital Signage industry with the mission of making it a tool of strategic value for any type of industry today and tomorrow .

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What is netipbox?

Our products and solutions combine cloud based software, AI and ML to dynamically predict and adapt the type of communication that best fits each moment of the day and each type of audience with the latest generation of hardware that allows us to present the most complete and flexible end-to-end solution in the market.


We develop our products and solutions based on 3 strategic pillars:

  • Content: Solutions in the form of Digital Asset Management (DAM) to create or fix any type of digital content from the online world to distribute it through digital channels in physical spaces.
  • Interaction: we promote bidirectional communication with your customers through different solutions and devices.
  • Data: we facilitate the capture of data by centralizing the analysis to improve decision making

FIVE Problems We Solve

We are a unique, intelligent and secure content platform that enables us to quickly and securely create channels of communication in the physical world.

1. Easy to

Accelerate the adoption of digitalization in physical spaces.

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2. Monitoring &

Facilitate the creation of Digital Signage Channels for any sector.

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3. Save Time
& Money

Reduce the costs of implementation & management.

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4. Unique
Media Player

Allow a single platform to control all of the digital elements.

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5. Massively

Massively replicate all your projects, under a single platform.

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Thanks to our advanced technology, adaptive content, its attractive usability and strategic alliances with leaders of various other sectors, Netipbox is creating a new category within Digital Signage.

We are creating the concept: Smart Digital Signage

How it works

A safe, modular, flexible and user-friendly platform to easily and simply create communication channels (Digital Signage) in physical spaces for any type of audience.

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In partnership with MINIX, We developed a series of media players specific to the digital signage industry. Its runs on most commercially available Screens.

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We offer our value proposition to the market through partners and resellers.

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Our mission is to take your business to the next level through DS

converting it into leverage to create value through content, and developing your digital signage channels creating impactful, attractive and effective solutions for the consumer.

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We help you understand, adapt and connect

with your client through the capture, analysis of data resulting in interaction.

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We transform your physical space

to become an unforgettable experience for the consumer through audiovisual solutions.

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Latest News

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Latest News

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