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Areas rely on Netipbox Digital Signage Solution

7 September, 2017
Connecting people

The leading restaurant operator in the world of travel was established 50 years ago at the same time as tourism became massively popular and positioned as the new form of leisure.

The waiting time between connections, road trips stops or the advanced time when travellers had to go to the station meant that they were not only means of transport with which to travel but also became crossing points and meeting places.

Areas arises to cover this new reality and to offer specific retail and restaurant services to meet the needs of this type of customer.

Currently, it is present in 12 countries of Europe and America always pursuing excellence in quality and customer experience.

Bringing online and offline together through a screen

Areas has been relying on Netipbox since 2007. The initial objective was to digitize sales points to bring together the company’s online and offline. Providing to the marketing department our platform,, a SaaS tool to remotely control all content that allows real-time changes to be made.

An example of how digital signage can strengthen communication and help with content management.




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