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Digital Experience arrives at Filmax Gran Vía

20 January, 2020


Over 60 years of history

Filmax is a notable Spanish company involved at all film industry levels, such as its creation, production, distribution and projection of films and small-screen projects. The company has different cinemas in Spain, for instance, the Filmax Gran Vía Cinema.

Filmax Gran Vía features 4DX technology that is complemented with 2D and 3D options. The seats are no longer static; movements are synchronized with the special effects or details of the film that awaken your senses, as a result, you can feel the breeze, smell the fresh-cut grass or feel the adrenaline of the persecutions.

The goal is for the viewer to feel immersed in the experience as if he were practically living it with the characters.


Customer is the primary focus

Following this path in 2016, they started a new project in Netipbox starting with the public entrance area so that the digital experience was not limited to the screen only.

The use of players installed behind the screens enriched communication and improved performance, as customers receive information and decide to sell it from the outside. Besides, the brand image was improved by modernizing the space in line with the technology offered and the expectations of the users.

‘’We have achieved that our messages reach more and better to the public, communication is very agile and thanks to the integration of ticket system and bar products we have increased and grown in sales and results’’, explains Jaime Tarrazón, manager of Filmax Gran Vía.


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