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The Hotel Serhs Rivoli Rambla boost its digital communication

23 April, 2018


Avant-garde architecture in Las Ramblas

The Hotel Serhs Rivoli Rambla is part of the Serhs Group specialized in products and services for hotels, restaurants and communities. Its four business lines are hotels, services, food and distribution.

The Hotel Serhs Rivoli Rambla is located in Las Ramblas, a well-known street in the centre of Barcelona. It has 126 state-of-the-art beds designed for all types of guests and needs: from the business traveller to a family holiday.

Offer the customer what he wants, how he wants it and at any time.

The reason why the hotel started a renewal process in the communication was the need to change with the current context by digitizing the communication system to the hotel’s internal and external clients.

‘'Agility, fast communication, adaptability, having displayed up-to-the-minute offers and being able to reach the end customer day by day with interesting things is the most important. Apart from the fact that a digital signage device is much more attractive, modern and functional’’, says Miquel Peña the hotel manager.

Netipbox has installed the new system in which the restaurant has benefited most from the daily publication of the new menus. 


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