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Aquarium Barcelona (Aspro Parks)



Netipbox installed their digital signage solution during the year 2016 in the catering area of Barcelona’s Aquarium. Thank you to the implementation of several netipbox plug&play players behind the screens, Aspro Park’s leisure centre achieved to change the look of that area and invigorate the offers. Since then the content managers of the establishment can manage and plan the addvertisements in a agile and instant way, thank you to netipmanager and netipmaker software.

Installation pictures

Installation key points


The  Aspro Parks group, to which the Aquarium of Barcelona pertains, is one of the biggest leisure centres and amusement parks operators of Europe.


The restaurant department of Aspro Parks group wanted to change the way they presented their offers in the catering area of the Aquarium of Barcelona.


The objective was to change the communication concept, to dinamize the product offer and increase the sells in the food hall.


The netipbox technicians installed content players, connected to 11 screens. All this plug&play players had the netipmanager and netipmaker software.


Aspro Park Group improved considerably the communication between the costumers in the Aquarium’s food hall, which increased their commercial billing.

Key figures

11 screens – 2 software – 12 players 25 content / video created – +5% commercial billing + 570 min. of content/day

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