Ferretería NCC

Hardware store NCC



Since 2015, netipbox has installed 276 players in hardware stores of the NCC shopping centre. Thank you to netipbox digital signage 3.0 software, each oe of the selling points has been able to implement a digital marketing channel that promotes products of the main brands. This way, the clients of the hardware stores can have access to a adapted and more dynamic digital communication with the stores, controlled and monitored from NCC and the associated stations so this communication can be corporately adequate.

Installation pictures

Installation key points


The NCC group is formed by five big hardware stores Cooperatives: Coanfe, Cofedas, Coinfer, QF+ and Synergas.


Implementation of Canal Ferretero, that required a collaboration of an adequate technological partner.


Improve the communication of the products with the main associated brands and centralize the content management.


Installation of players that integrated NET IP Manager software and implementation of a weekly report system.


Improvement on client satisfaction and associates loyalty to showing the products.

Key figures

1 digital marketing channel – 1 weekly report- 276 players – +10% client satisfaction

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