Digital signage

 Digital signage 3.0 use

Nowadays digital signage is a very powerful communication tool as well as being more economic that other diffusion message systems.

Persuade the buyers

Digital signage influences a 40% in the purchasing decision.

Develop the sells

Achieve up to a 24% of billing increase thank you to the visual impact of the dynamic screens.

Costumer loyalty

Clients look for a new purchase experience. Make them loyal!

Impact people

A content shown in a screen has a 75% more probabilities of being remembered than if it is seen through a poster.

Make the communication dynamic

Publish programmed contents in the morning and plan other ones at night. Not all the clients have the same characteristics nor expectancies.

Optimize spaces

A big amount of images, videos, promotions and informations in a same communication space. Forget about printing and installation expenses. Dynamic POS is more intuitive and easy to use.

Synchronize content

In a video wall of 10, 20, 100 devices, send content and synchronize or determine the location where it will be seen for a better communication strucutre.

Inform instantly 

Use beacon technology, flick or scan to inform immediately to the people or your clients of a personalized promotion, thank you to digital signage 3.0.

Maximize the visualization

A study made by Nielsen highlights an increase of 31% in the brand’s image with dynamic POS. DOOH (digital out of home) functions better than any other kind of communication.

Improve the experience

Personalize messages according to the audience, hour and place. Discover the combinations that you will be able to use with a digital screen and improve the users’ experience.

Adapt to the omnichannel

Send a plush to the mobile phones, inform in the entrance of your store with a digital screen and allow the users to interact through a tablet. This way you create an omnichannel communication thank you to the digital signage.

Minimize costs

Finish with posters layouts, printings and installations. Bring it all together in a digital device and save in the advertisement budget.

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Communicate with your clients

Communication in the retail sector has as an aim to invigorate direct selling, consolidate branding, increase costumers loyalty and improve the product’s visibility.

Communicate with your collaborators

Internal communication makes more easy the diffusion of collaborative messages between the different services of a company or publish establishment. It also improves considerably the users’ experience.