Digital Retail

Connected stores, benefits and profit

To counteract the “internet / mobile” trend, which facilitates online purchases and distances customers from physical stores; The digital retail.




information stored


of labor costs


in the purchase decision

“Over the next 5 years, more than 60% of the brands will implement

Digital signage in their offline outlets. “

(Source “Samsung UK retail signage ready”)

The best-selling techniques are not invented

Find out more about the techniques with more impact of the “digital in store”

Costumer experience

Your customers are expecting an attractive and compelling buying experience. Digital retail has become the communication channel most appreciated by a 89% of consumers. (Source KPMG).

Develop your relationship with the customer and increase conversions in sales.

Purchasing decision

Digital communication on the screen has increased the purchasing decision of retail customers by 30%.

The dynamic visualization of a service or a product has a much higher impact compared to wall stickers and also extends the digital transformation.

Customer loyalty and digital signage

Receive a message on your mobile phone when you pass in front of a store, a screen wall that broadcast the promotion again, a discount at the check-out, an upsell just before you pay.

The cross channel combinations with digital retail are endless to keep the customers loyalty and distance yourself from the competitors.

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Our retail customers

Our customers have increased their billing since we digitized their stores.

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