Internal communication

Optimized internal communication

Digital signage 3.0 improves communication among the employees of a company. How to get the implementation of an internal communication strategy easy to control?

Does the information reach all your employees?

If not, it is time to change this situation with the digital signage 3.0.

Employees are ambassadors of your company.

Maximize your communication!

Why do companies use digital signage in

their communication strategy today?

Saving and simplicity

Forget printing more documents.

You can use intuitive content creation tools or upload your own images and videos to schedule clear and visible messages across all communication media.


Show a message on a screen in your meeting room or on a 100-screen device installed in a common space of your company.

You can communicate breaking news or announce all kinds of corporate messages in real time.


Communicate sale goals, packet preparation times or any key figure to link information that allows you to increase the performance of your teams due to the digital signage 3.0.

Do you need to talk to a netipbox consultant

to digitize the internal communication of your company?

Our corporate clients

Our customers have increased their billing sales since we digitized their stores.

Discover their testimonials to learn more about internal communication.

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