The nbox player runs on any commercially available screen.

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Connect Your Contents.

One Player. Any Screen.

With the Nbox Smart Signage Player you can create the content experience you want on virtually any screen.

Player Software

We leveraged all the power of Minix by developing our own native app.

Digital Signage Hardware & Software

The nbox player has proprietary firmware and makes Smart Digital Signage easy, but you can also render your content on your favourite display by running the nbox player software on it.

Hardware that adapts to your projects

Our range of players offers the stability and performance you are looking for, both for the simplest installations and for the most demanding projects.


Install the nbox player software on your favourite device, no matter the OS.


Together with Iiyama we offer the All-in-One, a compromise solution between performance and simplicity.


The first step towards a high-performing digital signage network.


For those concerned not only with performance but also with the creation of a Smart Digital Signage network.

Good Performance
Good Performance
Great Performance
Best Performance

Connect All Your Devices and Systems to the Future

With nsing and nbox, the hardware will be no longer a limitation. Connect and manage all your devices from a multi-connectivity platform, and make the most of your IoT configurations, your e-commerce or your POS.

Any Screen
Mega Menuboards
Touchscreen Totem
Video Wall
Tablets & Mobile

Consulting for large projects

Consult with us if you have specific needs or if you want to take your Digital Signage network to the next level.

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