Misión & Visión

Do you want to digitize your store having very clear that content is the key?

The physical world is getting digitized and NETIPBOX wants to be the platform, with which companies and management teams will operate and manage the digital transformation of physical spaces. In this sense, we offer the possibility of converting traditional offer spaces into interactive and intelligent points of sale or information.


We focus on making the content of your brand accessible on any screen that is in your physical space. We work so that you can deliver valuable content to your customers by offering you the easy and intuitive tools needed to do so:

1. Digital Asset Management (DAM-Digital Asset Management): store, order, find any content related to your business. Streamline collaboration with your collaborators and improve management of any type of digital content (photos, videos, presentations, Smartphone content, etc.).

It can also access external sources such as YouTube or other social networks, so that they are part of your content strategy. You can also access external resource libraries such as ShutterStock, Getty Images, image banks and videos.

2. Create messages for your audience: regroup digital assets (content) one after the other, creating a consistent and impressive speech with valuable content in a “playlists”. With them you can create ad-hoc communication channels for your entire audience.

3. Distribute a playlist: send and program your content to any screen that is in a physical space (boards menu, waiting rooms, video walls, totems, etc.).

4. Plan the playlist in a simple way: each audience is unique! Make the most of the digital management of your resources and adapt the message depending on the moment (day/time).

5. Maximum control wherever you are: we give you all the control and information in real time of your screens, contents and connectivity. So you can access from your Smartphone to know your screens’ status and manage your channel in real time.

6. Make your audience profitable easily and simply: did you know that your Shopper is a very valuable audience for brands? We offer you a tool to have the possibility to value the traffic of your physical space and, in this way, offer it to other brands (possibility of profitable investment selling advertising space).


By interacting with the consumer or seller, you can offer your customer personalized information.
With our smart player it is possible to show information about a product by reading its barcode or offering information by pressing a button, etc. The NETIPBOX platform and player have unlimited power:

1. Digital catalog: create a digital catalog accessible from any screen in your physical space.

2. E-Commerce: do you have an e-commerce? Make it also visible on your screens and create a real omni-channel experience.

3. Barcode: connect a barcode reader and offer personalized information about each scanned product.

4. Smart buttons: It allows users to have access to specific information based on what has been programmed.

5. Printer: associate a smart button to a printer to issue an offer, code, etc.

6. Create a WiFi network: create a WiFi network around your screen to offer value related to the content (raffles, discounts, surveys, etc.).


We offer you tools to know the impact of messages, the buyers’ behavior and analyze what is happening in your physical space. We store all interactions that occur in physical areas. In this way, you will know what is happening in real time in your physical space and we will provide you with data for a subsequent decision-making.