netipbox, the power of digital signage 3.0

The most intuitive management platform to invigorate your point of sale and optimize your communication

It is the All-in-one product

Netipbox player creates a onmichannel communication with the



Digital signage 3.0

Get the most out of digital signage through a scalable last generation technology. netipbox is the most advanced and simplist tool to use.

We transfrom any kind of digital support

into a powerful selling and communication tool.

 netipbox® features

Generator of powerful leads, dynamic POS display, intuitive internal communication, digital signage campaign reporting, environment creator and customer experiences.

Manage your contents and campaigns thanks you to Netip Manager’s software and its intuitive platform.

With this software you can program the hours and weeks of your content visualization according to the type of campaign, create netipbox player groups, assign specific roles to your collaborators and send messages to your production groups.

You can rapidly create video content, HTML5 animations, pictures, widgets and RSS feeds with Netip Maker’s software.

This tool allows you to generate proffesional looking playlists without any prior graphic design knowledge.

Analyze your audience and get to know your clients better: age, gender, state of mind, use of glasses, time spent in your store and type of content that they observe.

Netip Audience & Analytics gives you this kind of crucial information in order to optimize your campaigns and adapt them to your clients.

Show your clients that will not only find the best offers on the internet!

Recuperate your e-commerce content and show it to your clients so they can see it on a screen with a simple tactile application. It is possible to show a great deal of information: product, price, available stock, etc.


Beacons, Scan, RFID, Flick, Camera. netipbox can be connected to the most powerful marketing tools and interactive systems to create an extraordinary client experience.

Scan/RFID/Barcode: Scan a product and show additional information in your screens with our connected scan.


A scalable unlimited potential!

Connect your netipbox to any digital support and show your content in Full HD with the strongest and most compactplayer in the market in order to increase sales.



Any Screen




Connected to your community or E-commerce

netipbox can be synchronized with any type of platform so that you can diffuse any kind of content.

Download the content of your e-commerce and show your entire catalogue in your store.

Ready to exploit all the potential that netipbox offers?