Queue Management

Queue management

The queue manager is the ideal tool to optimize circulation in public spaces (points of sale/ stores, administration, universities, banks, etc.). With perfect control of the queues, you can improve the service and enhance the user experience in your establishment.

Turn management – Operation

The customer enters the store, selects the type of service and collects their printed ticket.

Ability to manage different types of inquiriesat the same time. The system notifies the user of the digital device when it is their turn to go to the table.

The user goes into the waiting area, which displays the waiting ticket numbers and the coresponding table to attend to.

Possibility of prioritizing a ticket. The system updates the information according to the new tickets and those that have already passed.

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Technical features

Modular system that includes: waiting queue manager, turn control, ticket dispenser totem, customer service control and tickets.


  • More economical hardware for the multifunctional capabilities of integrated applications that can work simultaneously.

Example: turn management and ticket distribution.

  • Possibility to separate into different options of customer service, preselecting the query at the entrance and personalizing for a second time the information according to the service.
  • Possibility of managing multiple queues. Each queue can be assigned with a type of customer service or consulting service and determine the turns.

  • Touch Kiosk
    17, 12 or 20-inch touch screen to automatically print the tickets.
  • Integrated Application
    App included to manage queues and turns. You can also communicate the status of the line and the type of query in progress.
  • Flow management material 
    Button located in consultation desks, to allow employees to validate the ticket and call the next turn. This function can be included in a Windows computer in order to reproduce pressing a button or a mouse click.


  • Notify at the desk the maximum recommended service time for the current customer, according to the type of query assigned.
  • Possibility to call back a person and send it to another queue or cancel their shift, to improve communication between the desks.
  • Possibility to show an informative message on the screen
    that is visible to all the people on hold.

  • Close and start a new session with the same ticket to prevent a client from waiting until the end of the queue.
  • Possibility to close and open a new query in an office. An operator may close a service desk to the public and display the unavailability of the service. In this case, the desk will not be able to receive new customers until it is reactivated.

Additional modules


The appointment module allows you to work in two different ways: as a standalone system or integrated into the queue management tool.

  • Like a standalone system, previous appointments are assigned via a web page or by phone and are synchronized with queue management. The list is automatically updated before opening to the public and operators can consult the schedule.
  • Integrated with the queue management system, the pre-appointment module works directly with the kiosk and allows an appointment to be made at the time. Phone and Internet appointments are also available.

Assessment of customer service

This module is installed in a tactile kiosk located at the exit of the establishment, so that customers can evaluate the service they have received, with a series of questions and answers 100% personalized. These responses will be stored in the database for later reference.

Turn locution

With this module, it is possible to make calls through the integrated voice system, in order to play an advertisement in the target language.

Double signaling and multimedia management

Displays a video, image or any desired content on one side of the screen and on the other side of the queue management device. netipbox allows you to optimize the visibility of a service, a product or any type of information through playlists, to convey a message to your audience.

In addition you can organize the content according to the week, the day or for special events. This way users will receive the ideal message at the right time.

Unique queue management system

Turn control

This program is the unique queue management tool, which aims to distribute turns to each cashier or desk.

In the screen positioned in front of the line, customers can visualize what will be the next cashieror desk available below. The program allows you to add a voice call with the function “text to speak” that announces vocally a text written by hand.

Availability management (by button)

The program is connected to a button and is located at the level of the cashiers or lockers. When this button is pressed, a WiFi signal is sent to the system to communicate the availability on the display.

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