Smart Brand Activation

Discover how the analysis of your audience will allow you to increase your advertising performance

With netipbox, make your communication pro-active, efficient and optimal.

Find out how to do it now.



Age, gender, mood, types of contents viewed, number of views. You will discover your audience from another perspective.



Save the data in elaborated graphs, analyzes efficiently your communication and the perception of your audience according to the content.



Identify the most effective campaigns, increase the impact of your communication according to the schedules and the type of audience.

How does netip audience & analytics work?

There is no need to have any technical knowledge, netip audience & analytics is installed in 5 minutes.


Connect your netipbox

Connect any type of camera to your netipbox and place it where you want to analyze your audience (in front of a screen, at the entrance of a store, etc.).


Analyze your audience

Discover which are the clients that interact more with your content (age, gender, mood, time of visualization, number of views, etc.)


Send the most accurate message

Adapt your message and maximize the impact of your communication campaigns.

Start using Netip Audience & Analytics now

A different message for each client

During opening hours, different types of people will come to your store.

For this reason, you will have to adapt the message to achieve a more powerful impact.

Key Features of Netip Audience & Analytics

  • Analyze your audience to adapt your message and maximize its impact
  • Show content to children if you have a family audience
  • Show different products according to the hours of influx to maximize your sales
  • Broadcast a promotion during downtime to boost your sales
  • Segment your communication according to the time, age and gender

Are you ready to exploit the potential of your business with netipbox?

6 reasons to use netip audience & analytics


A more impressive communication for a result up to 400 times more effective


A unique message for each customer


Save time in marketing campaigns with data analysis


Ready in less than 5 minutes with your netipbox. Its system is also compatible with simple cameras.


Certificate of protection of privacy. This software does not store any kind of personal data.


Simple and intuitive use of the campaign analysis tool that is accessible to anyone.

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