Digital screen

Digital screen

Communication on screens maximizes the impact of your communication. Made for Dynamic PLV

(advertising in places of sale) for retail, hotels or public spaces, LCD screens must fulfill certain requirements to allow a correct display of contents.

Brightness of dynamic displays: a fundamental criterion

The brightness of the glass panel is essential. In addition, in order to maximize visual impact, it is important to consider the exposure place of the device.

The digital indoor media (giant screen, touch display, LCD, etc.) usually have fewer problems. However, image walls, showcase touch screens or external dynamic systems must have a minimum of brightness.

A screen exposed to the sun must, for example, reflect a brightness of 2000 cd / m2.

Is the display quality important?

A minimum quality in high definition of 1280 x 1024 pixels is usually advised. However, most screens now have Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

Due to the appearance of the new 4K screens, the quality of videos and images is now exceptional. Also, your content must also have 4K resolutions.

Is the angle of vision also a key factor?

The viewing angle determines the ability to observe the content accurately on the dynamic screen when viewed from the side. This parameter impacts a lot in areas such as corridors or other places where the devices are placed in parallel walls.

In general, we recommend to always put a monitor with a viewing angle of at least 170 ° to allow sufficient visibility. However the type of installation and the place where the device is located can determine the digital support that will have to be used.

Connections and plugs available: Be aware of limitations!

Many are those who do not look at the real needs of useful and useless screen connections. Most of the time, there are people who pay a high budget for an LCD, which will not get to use much of its features. “Optical” or “DVI” plugs are not as important as 5 USB or 4 HDMI plugs. These small benefits raise the budget without great utility.

On the other hand, in some cases we may have screens with limits of use according to the needs. The digital support must have at least one HDMI and a USB port, plus a jack and an RCA output.

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