Information Screens

Information Screens

Information screens are located in areas where users (managers and company employees) move around: meeting rooms, shopping centers or information points.

These digital screens serve primarily to link dynamic messages and keep users informed in a segmented way. Information screens are also used in health centers, clinics, airports or train or subway stations. These devices allow many messages to be viewed at the same time and in a synchronized way as well as be updated in real time.

What kind of screens do you choose to inform visitors?

Informative screens do not need big resolutions, but a remarkable contrast and good brightness.

Reliability of displays, an important advantage

The purpose of information screens is to limit advertising costs, avoiding the printing of flyers and the installation of vinyls.

But when we limit the budget of printing and we want to go for the installation of digital screens, the investment should last as long as possible, even if they are used intensively.

Depending on the needs of the space, we may prefer screens that can be installed in both directions: horizontal and vertical. The screens need a long life and a light weight to locate them in the place where you want.

Do you have any question about the type

of information screen you need?