Interactive kiosks

Interactive kiosks

Interactive kiosks add great value when used in retail outlets or in conference rooms for their diverting appearance and simplicity of use. They can resemble a touch totem. However, they generally have a finer and more compact shape.

What kind of interactive kiosk should I choose for my digital installation?

There are tactile kiosks of different dimensions and shapes. For instance, in public spaces there are touch kiosks accessible to people with reduced mobility. In case of choosing this type of device, the dimension and the height can vary according to the needs. Some devices such as touch tables can be manufactured at a lower height.

The format of the kiosk screen is another relevant criteria, since it modifies the price of the device.

The 22-inch screens are generally sufficient to allow a smooth and clear use. However, you should try to opt for a kiosk of 32 inches or more, in order to visualize content in a broader way or that different people can even use it at the same time.

The place where it will be installed and the objective of communication are also two other fundamental keys.

A kiosk that aims to inform visitors of the new Volkswagen prototype at the point of sale, for example, will require other technical features than a device that informs visitors to a museum.

To avoid excessive use of material, it is necessary to take into account the resistance of support and the dimension of the screen.

According to the primary objective, initially defined, the multi-touch material will have a longer or shorter lifetime, and the decision to be taken should agree with one of our experts.

Customization of the touch kiosk for a professional outcome

Depending on the model of touch kiosk that is chosen, there is also the possibility of customizing the frame of the screens.

One of the great peculiarities of tactile kiosks is that they can adapt to the corporate image of your company. Magnetic stickers or vinyl, these digital media can be fully customized.

Transport – Installation place – Use: criteria that impact in the final decision

Some companies use this type of communication support when attending events or conferences. For this reason, a more compact and resistant touch kiosk is always the best option.

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