Digital totem

Digital Signage Totem 3.0

The digital totem is a very powerful communication tool in the points of sale for it allows to welcome the costumers.

The tactile totem or the standard one, offers the possibility of showing different content in the key location where the amount of costumers is more dense (shopping centres, offices, events, administrative establishment, etc.).

Numeric totems have an internal system that manages high brightness a LCD screen and different dimensions, plus a secured ventilation device, in order to resist an intensive use and endure any vandal act. At the same time, this devices allow an intuitive advertising in your selling point (dynamic POS).

3 steps to choose my digital totem

1 – Your place of exposure
(internal or external – under the sun or in the shade- etc.)

This will greatly influence the final decision depending on the contrast of the screen, the brightness and the need for ventilation needed to evacuate the heat generated by the screen.

2 – The dimension of the screen plays an important role

The 50-inch (or 127 cm) screens are a reference for totems placed at the entrance of a mid-sized store. Event or commercial centers should be equipped with 65-inch (or 165 cm) screens to make the content more visible.

The resolution of the totem screen will have to be greater than or equal to 1920 x 1080 pixels to allow a Full HD result.

3 – Finally, the “large view”

Available in totems that have an angle greater than 170 °, this function allows you to view the images and videos shown without having to be exactly in front of the totem pole. This is a considerable advantage for the places where the traffic of the users is based on the digital installation.

Touch function: the key factor in the interaction of digital signage

The tactile function available on certain totems plays a key role in enabling visitors to interact with content: hosting plans, product information complements and specific applications. The consumer is accustomed to using tactile devices in their daily lives.

Tactile / interactive totems or tokens improve the visibility of the information, prompting the user to approach the device at a very short distance. However, if the needs or the budget do not allow opting for a tactile function, at least privileged contents should be privileged at a distance of 4 meters.

Quality of the totem structure

Users are not always careful when interacting with a totem. For this reason, you could opt for a scratch resistant glass in tempered glass, which allows you to keep your digital totem unalterable over time.

Netip provides waterproof multimedia totems able to withstand heat through a ventilation system, which regulates the temperature.

The sun or rain can also be a few parameters to consider avoiding over-heating or seepage of water.

Do you want to use a totem and

do not know which model to choose?