Video wall


The video wall is the most striking and visible dynamic tool. Moreover, it allows you to cover a large amount of ground of visualization and submerge the consumer completely in the brand’s universe.

Different types of Video wall

Due to the technological revolution, the video walls are available nowadays in different formats and configurations.

The most popular are the LCD screens in a square format, allowing to play with the superpositions of the devices in order to give a more unstructured  visual result than a basic or rectangular format. The image is held synchronized totally, even though the screens are displayed in a more creative way.

Curved screens have been placed on the market with their own OmniSHAPE visualization devices. Completely customizable, formed by adaptable modules that can be inclined to 12º, this devices can from high definition curved screens.

Available in tactile version and different from 16/9 traditional screens, this image panels increase your communication value.

Which video wall should I choose?

The position of the wall and its installation location are key features to take into account when deciding the kind of optimal material to use. The budget and the kind of digital image you want to show is also important.

For a commercial and informative result with limited budget: video walls with square monitors

For a high quality result and a unstructured display, the square format is the more adequate for digitalizing your wall and optimize your communication with dynamic images.

Rounded format or LED

For an spectacular final result, covers a bigger surface and it is used for showrooms normally, museums, events or exposition rooms. The visual impact of the rounded format video walls are nowadays the most powerful.

La adquisición de pantallas electrónicas LED de gran luminosidad con un ángulo de visión de 180°, es más cara. Sin embargo la inversión se recupera rápidamente por su bajo consumo.

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