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  • Rates Licenses Netipbox 2018

    • Nº players
    • Fee month / country / DS platform
    • Fee per player / mes
    • Total price / player + Platform / monthly

  • 1 - 15 PLAYERS
    • 15
    • 299,00 €
    • 15,00 €
    • 34,00 €

  • 16 - 50 PLAYERS
    • 50
    • 599,00 €
    • 14,00 €
    • 25,00 €

  • 51 - 250 PLAYERS
    • 250
    • 1.499,00 €
    • 13,00 €
    • 19,00 €

  • 251 - 500 PLAYERS
    • 500
    • 3.000,00 €
    • 12,00 €
    • 18,00 €

  • + 501 PLAYERS
    • Ad – Hoc

  • Player Netipbox
  • 180,00€

The price does not include VAT. For EU customers VAT will be applied unless a valid VAT code is provided from a member

country of the community. The monthly fee will not be higher than the previous plan in case the plan is extended.

Prices only for EU countries. Send us an email for other countries:



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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What plan should I choose for my company?

The decision of the accurate plan is calculated according to the needs of your communication. You should know that the netipbox can output the same signal for one or more screens at the same time, but it does not allow the display of 2 different contents at the same time on 2 screens. For this reason you would have to calculate the number of screens you will need and the number of different messages that you will want to display at the same time on each screen.

Can I change my monthly plan?

You can change plans at any time during your access to the netipbox platform. From the first day of access to netipbox, you can manage the number of subscribers in your personal space and increase or decrease the number of devices. During the course of the month, you just have to connect to your private space and modify the formula that will be changed the following month. Additional material will be delivered to the registered address within 72 hours. If you choose to decrease your formula, you can keep your material.

How long does the contract last?

There is no permanence plan to access netipbox! At any time you can unsubscribe and opt for a new plan.

Are there launch costs?

No there are not, or any additional expenses. You pay only the cost of the formula from the first month and the cost of the netipbox player (180 € / box). According to the date of your subscription, you only pay the cost of your players from the first day you access the platform and after your monthly payment.

How is the material delivered?

Your order is delivered in 48/72 business hours. Once the request has been made, you must indicate a delivery address. Once you have validated it, you will receive an email containing the accesses to the platform and the summary of your order.

How does my netipbox solution evolve with the new features?

Your netipbox evolves and updates to new features every month for free! Every 3 months there are new functions and the platform evolves on its own without any additional costs.

¿Tengo ayuda y soporte a la hora de utilizar mi netipbox y controlar la plataforma?

Tienes acceso a todos los tutoriales de vídeos y textos disponibles en este enlace para manejar perfectamente el netipbox. Si todavía tienes consultas, puedes contactar a nuestro soporte técnico por teléfono o email y tendrás una respuesta en menos de 24 horas.

In case of material failure or technical consultation

Your netipbox is guaranteed for life! We can replace it in case of failure within 72 hours. Do you have any technical questions regarding the use of the platform or material? You only have to contact the technical support to the telephone indicated in the contact page.

What are the accepted forms/types/kinds of payment?

You can pay with any type of bank card or PayPal. If your card expires during your subscription plan, the system will inform you of the need to renew your form of payment.

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